About Us

Dean and Anita Both grew up in Southern Gospel Music Traveling with their families. Dean's Family was known as The Masters Quartet and Anita's as The Gospel Echo's. In 2006 After some time away from Southern Gospel God Laid the calling on Dean that his Dad had and he knew he had to pick up the Mantle that His Dad had left behind. In 2006 God formed Burning Bridges Ministry. For the last 12 years God has opened doors for Burning Bridges Ministry Across 5 states. SC. NC ,TENN, KY, and GA. During That time God has Saved many souls and Brought back many Backslidden. They have seen God heal through Their Ministry. With A mixture of Singing And Preaching Burning Bridges Ministry can feel any Need for your Church. They are not entertainers. They Are A True Ministry.   Burning Bridges Is A Ministry that travels on weekends and only on Faith Love offerings.. They are excited about what God has done and is doing and will do in their Ministry.